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  "And they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the mighty one of Israel." 1 Nephi 7:25
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My Navajo Experience

My first experience with the Navajo occurred in 1994 when we attended the Navajo Reunion near Pinon. I remember the heat and the sand but I also remember the friendly faces and the ernest prayers of the brothers and sisters.  Dick Clark impressed me with his sincere interest in the people.  The faith of Bobby Hosteen and the counsel of the faithful was impressive.

In the summer of 1995, I recieve a newsletter from Dick Clark which said that they needed teachers in the area.  I sent an application to Chinle Schools but heard nothing.  Our youngest son was in the Marines in California, who asked us to come see him before he went to Japan.

We arranged vacation so we could go.  Our oldest son called early one morning to say that we should stop at Chinle because I was to take the job I was offered.  We traveled to Chinle and talked to Rick Gaydusek at the Junior High.  He asked if I was a teacher and what subjects I taught? When I said Science and Social Studies, he said the substitute teacher next door is leaving in two weeks and he teaches science.  We went to the principal's office and asked for an interview.  We interviewed  within the next 3 hours.  He asked if I had an Arizona teaching certificate?  I had the certification papers prepared but had not turned them in for certification.

We continued to California and visited.  After traveling to Tucson, I turned in the certification papers to the office there and called the principal to tell him that I had turned in the papers.

He asked "Where is your application?"  I said "at the High School under Social Studies."

We returned to Missouri and went back to our jobs.  On Tuesday morning, my wife recieved a call from the principal asking when could I be there?  The board had approved the contract to teach at Chinle Junior High.  She called me and I resigned the next day.  I left for Chinle on Thursday.  After arriving in Chinle, I went to Rick's home in Many Farms for the weekend.  Rick's family and I went to Pinon and visited the Ayse's.

We have been ministering in the Pinon Branch since September, 1995 and have many miracles and magnificant experiences.  I began my ministry here as a priest and have been ordained an elder.

*Leigh Reynolds 


*Leigh and his wife Lois have recently returned to Missouri. Their ministry among the Navajo will be missed.


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