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"And they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the mighty one of Israel." I Nephi 7:25
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A Report to the Conference of Restoration Elders



Dear Brothers and Sisters,                                                                                                 March 20,

A few years ago a teacher for the reunion asked the Lord, “What would you have me teach the children?” The Lord responded to her, “Teach them that I love them.” Again she went to the Lord, “Yes, Lord, I will tell them that, but what would you have me TEACH them?” Again the Lord answered her that she was to teach them that He loves them. This has really hit home to us this year. Yes, we need to take the gospel, including the Book of Mormon, to these people; but the greatest gift is charity (the pure love of Jesus Christ). When we demonstrate to them this pure love, the gospel is made manifest.

In April, a trip was made to Arizona with a trailer load of clothing. NMSG had received over 100 bags and boxes of clothing from various restoration branches and saints. Besides these donations, we picked up an additional 16 barrels of clothing from Sister Andrea Kantner’s Catholic Relief Agency.

The Lord blessed us with a good spirit throughout the trip.  We delivered a lot of clothing and food to many different homes and we preformed quite a few administrations. Everyone was happy to see us and wanted to know when we would return.   

This year, as always, we prayerfully put the Navajo Missionary Outreach Week into God’s hands. Many Navajo Ministry Support Group (NMSG) members that usually spend the week in July with the Navajos were not able to go. We knew that the numbers would be few. For some time we have made this a matter of prayer. The Lord blessed us greatly. About one-third of those who attended this year were attending for the first time. Their energy and spirit of anticipation lifted our spirits. .

The message of Christ was taken to two central locations on the reservation with two missionary teams from Missouri and other areas. There was a healing spirit among the ministry provided. Three little girls made their covenant in baptism this year. Elder Anthony*, the Pinon Restoration Branch pastor, looks forward to teaching them more about the precious gospel.

In August, special prayers were requested for Zachary*, a twelve-year-old who was in need of a heart transplant.  Many of the saints supported this young man through prayer, letters and gifts.  Zachary received a heart in a short time and is now back on the reservation with his family as a healthy young teenager.  His family was so appreciative of the support they received.  Shortly after Zachary received his new heart, two elders made a trip to Tucson to administer to Zachary and to give support. 

In October, Mae* and Mae* made a trip to Missouri to see Elder George Allen who had just had a stroke.  They visited with many of the saints.  A team of four men was preparing to make the trip to Pinon and so the ladies rode back with them.  It was a first time experience for two of the men to be on the reservation.  The Lord blessed our trip and our time on the reservation. Clothing and food were taken  to many families that have needs. Many administrations were performed and the Lord opened doors so that many of the Navajo contacts received a visit. We also had the opportunity to share the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper with many of our Navajo brothers and sisters.

Shortly after the October trip, Anthony*, the pastor of the Pinon Restoration Branch, was admitted to the hospital for an emergency heart procedure.  His road to recovery has been slow.  We continue to ask prayers for his progress and for all of the Navajo. There is much sickness among the Navajo.

NMSG continues to evaluate our activities among the Navajo people and to explore other methods of offering ministry to them. We have been blessed the past ten years by having Elder Leigh Reynolds and his wife, Lois, working in the Pinon School District and ministering with the Navajo. Their daughter, Cathy, has also supported the work. Leigh and Lois have retired, moving back to Missouri. We need to find means to continue the ministry and help our Navajo elder, Anthony*.

NMSG would like to send ministry to the reservation on a monthly basis. Funds are needed to do this. There is a need for elders who would like to travel to the reservation. We request that they contact Elder Joe Hale who is serving as the 2006 NMSG president.  Many who have served faithfully over the years are aging and are no longer able to make the trip. Able-bodied people with various skills are needed for the annual activity and elders are needed to minister at various times throughout the year. We will continue to pray this coming year that the Lord will soften the hearts of those He would call to go minister unto the remnant of Jacob. Those who take this journey will tell you that the blessings are great.


* Names are removed for privacy