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"And they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the mighty one of Israel." I Nephi 7:25
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NMSG Events


The Missionary efforts on the Navajo Reservation continue to move forward, but with over 27,000 square miles of reservation and over ¼ of a million people our small force of Christ centered workers can always use some help. Over the past year with outrageous fuel costs and other restrictions the NMSG representatives were only able to make the journey on two occasions. The first was over Memorial Day weekend when three of the Priesthood journeyed out. We enjoyed several good days of providing ministry as well as the opportunity to attend the Pinon High School Graduation ceremony. The other occasion was for the Outreach Week with the camp held at Blue Gap. There were probably thirty people from the Independence area that attended and scores of the Dine. We were able to have services in Blue Gap as well as in the Pinon area. Some of belagona were able to stay and witness for a couple of weeks. One of the more interesting events was with the help of Missionary Restoration Branch four of the Navajo ladies were able to come by train to Independence in October for a weekend retreat. The ladies enjoyed classes, fellowship and fun. One of the ladies was so moved by the Spirit and impressed with love of the Saints she requested baptism into Christ’s fold. She was baptized here in Independence before returning to Navajoland.

With many of the same type of plans in the works for this year, it is our prayer that the Lord will use us to enhance His Kingdom. During the early part of March, several of the Priesthood are planning a trip to the Blue Gap area for about a week ministering to the people there. The current plans are for another group of men to be able to arrive about the time the first group is departing, which will hopefully bring about at three solid weeks of ministry in this area. The larger Outreach Week is planned for July 16-20, tentative plans are to hold this in the Blue Gap area again with excursions to some of the neighboring communities. The Outreach Week will provide classes, food, fun and fellowship for all ages as well as a strong witness of Jesus Christ.  Another trip will be planned for October.  

Should you desire more info or would like to be a part of these efforts,
please contact Elder Mark Clement