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"And they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the mighty one of Israel." I Nephi 7:25
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The  Navajo Ministry Support Group continues to strengthen our missionary efforts to the Navajo people on the Reservation.

We now have a stand-alone website ( and encourage you to visit and learn more about our efforts and us. With the implementation of the new website we are refocusing our Internet outreach to be more to the Native peoples.

We have several trips planned to the Pinon, AZ. area each year with our major outreach being scheduled for July. There are a few groups meeting and worshipping in and near Pinon, but they are in need of consistent ministry.

As we consider expanding into other areas of the Reservation, we realize the workers and resources are limited.   We are in need of contributions as well as people willing and interested in spreading the true gospel of Christ.  We realize this is a need among most missionary groups.  If you have a desire to reach out to others with the hope of Jesus Christ, consider a trip to the Navajo Reservation with us. We invite and even challenge you to visit and take the Gospel to a “foreign” land within the confines of the United States.  If you desire more information or ministry please contact us through the website or me directly at 816-650-6825.

NMSG Advisory Council   
Joe Hale - President.

Pictures from Navajo Outreach Week

Seeking shade during a visit to a Navajo home.

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You are four years old and you have to wait four more years to be baptized.







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