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"And they shall know that the Lord is their Savior and their Redeemer, the mighty one of Israel." I Nephi 7:25
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Dedicated to Angie who loved the Navajo


The Angels Rejoice


In Memory of Angie Dooley
Who faithfully spent her life witnessing

Angie joined her Savior September 2002

Dear Lord,

I know Your angels must be rejoicing this day
for You have called a very special person home.
Her name is Angie Dooley.
She walked upon this earth for many years
and Tom was by her side.
Lord, they touched our lives so many ways.
I never heard a cross word come from Angie’s mouth;
only love and kindness did she pour out to us.
She shared her stories and testimonies
with all who came to her.
She shared when she was just a little girl she sat quietly behind the
stove that she might hear the testimonies of Your missionaries
and Your great love for us.
She was a missionary too, dear Lord,
when she was just a young girl
she traveled into Mexico and shared with many there.
In later life she traveled there with her dear Tom
as he preached Your holy word
and then to Pinon they did go to share with many lives.
She loved to play her accordion
and sing Your praises, Lord.
She often sang in Spanish and lifted hearts to Thee.
She built a little shoe shop where she and Tom did work
where they did share Your love with those
that came inside its doors.
Lord, we are going to miss this special lady
that came into our lives but through the gift of memory
she’ll never leave our lives
and someday soon she’ll walk again with us
when Zion comes to earth.

Written by Pat Good





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